World According to Bella | "Homeward Bound"

"Bella, it's time to leave."

I thought I'd never hear those words. 12 weeks was getting long being away from home and my friends. I wanted to leave before it got any hotter and Mr. C would have a weak moment and sign me up for Rattlesnake Avoidance/Proofing Training offered by Southwest Snake Avoidance Experts. I didn't care if the class was advertised as The Best in the Southwest and Veterinarian Recommended. The class description sent chills down my spine and $85.00 sounded like a lot of money. The best part about leaving now was I'd be safe from javelinas, rattlesnakes and coyotes. Even a bear Up North doesn't sound bad compared to these dangerous desert critters.

I've been wearing my summer fur coat for some time. So I suppose I will be cold as Minnesota springs are not anything like Arizona springs. And then I'm wondering if my friends will even remember me after such a long time. Since I never got one piece of mail while I was here I have no idea what they all are doing. Lucky for me Mr.C and Mrs. S's friends have remembered me with a treat or two. Of course my favorites still remain: milk bones and raw hide bones.

I have gotten a lot of attention here in Arizona. People stop Mrs. S all the time when we are out walking to tell her what a pretty dog I am and petting me. Everyone is real nice. And they don't even know my survival story of being lost in the desert for four hours. They'd be impressed with my bravery.

When I saw how packed the van was I understood why Mr. C seemed so crabby. But my biggest worry was where I was going to ride. I was relieved they saved me the whole back seat.

I didn't spend all my time napping on the very long ride. I found it necessary to move toward the front to check on Mr. C and Mrs. S's driving. I wanted to make sure they stayed on course and did not take any side trips back to Minnesota.
I did learn to pee on command so I'd get a treat as we found out rest stops seemed to be far and few between along our route.
The second night we stopped at a hotel I had been to when we started the trip. I had hoped for the same room number 113. I stopped to check out that room but found room number 121 was for us. It even had a tag hanging from the knob that said 'There's a furry one checked into this room.'

I tried my best being good riding in the van for three very longgg days but after a while looking out the window got boring and I wasn't really tired enough to nap much. By the time we got close to home it was getting a little dark but Mr. C had a really good surprise for me. Instead of going home first we made a stop at my favorite dog park. I didn't care there wasn't anyone to play with. Now I could finally run free.

Happiness is being home, rolling in the grass and taking a nap in my favorite bed.

Love, Bella

Sue Ready

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