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Well, here's what it is about Bob. This handsome young dog is actually quite similar to the character that Bill Murray played in the movie. Bob is very good natured (he's a real mellow kinda guy, Bob loves being with people (he just sucks up the affection - no bias at all surrounding it's origin), Bob has a great work ethic (especially when his job is lounging in a lap), and Bob has a great sense of humor (he thinks it's the human's job to fetch the ball).

Our Bob does have his foibles as well - he doesn't get it when people don't want to pet him, his goofballness comes naturally and he's yet to meet a treat he doesn't like.

Bob also understands the famous Death Therapy that Dr Leo Martin tried on Bob Whiley as he spent some time at Animal Control. Since HSAC pulled him , he's been sucking up the attention of people like a love sponge.

Bob has successfully finished his heart worm treatment, has been neutered and is all up to date of vaccines - he's ready for his book tour with you as his agent!

Won't you consider giving Bob the life he dreams of? You know, like the one that Bob in the movie got: one filled with lake side vacations, family fun and of course True Love!

The Humane Society and Adoption Center of Rockport/Fulton
1308 Myrtle St

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