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0 Rockport Center for the Arts, Shared Link | "Danville Chadbourne In Conversation With Glasstire..." via Glasstire

"San Antonio sculptor Danville Chadbourne in conversation with Glasstire, in advance of Chadbourne’s solo exhibition and the unveiling of three of his acquired outdoor works at the Rockport Center for the Arts on May 14.

Glasstire: Do you remember your first exposure to art?

Danville Chadbourne: I grew up with no exposure to art at all. I was raised in Bryan, Texas. My father was an entomologist and worked in the agricultural business. I was interested in science and math, and in high school I had fantasies about writing, films and filmmaking, and book illustration. I really didn’t develop an interest or true understanding or “art” as we know it until I started college at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville.

Did you have a mentor?

Not really. But here was a great faculty at Sam Houston State, and I ended up being great friends with..."  Read more >>

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