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0 Roving Reporter | New Movie to be Filmed in Rockport

Director Brandon Bender
Image via Twitter @brandontbender
A new movie called "The Sand Dune" directed by Brandon Bender and written by Valerie Smith is due to begin production in Rockport. Several locals have been cast as extras.

Plot Summary:
The Sand Dune, a quaint seaside restaurant on the coast of Texas, is a place where the unexpected happens. It is here that fate inevitably intervenes in the lives of two young people. In a heartbreaking series of events, two soul mates are forced apart. However, many years later, fate once again intervenes in their lives in another chance encounter. This time, the two have grown into very different, successful people. The question becomes will they ever be able to move forward and bridge the gap between past and present? Can they accept the cruel reality that love often demands giving something up in order to gain something greater and unforeseen in the end? - Written by The Sand Dune Productions

A brief press conference announcing the filming of the movie will be held by the Rockport-Fulton Chamber of Commerce May 24, 2016 at 10:30am outside their location at 319 Broadway Street. Local actors as well as the Director, Brandon Bender, Director of photography, Dawn Suhyun Shim, Script Writers/Financial Organizer Ron and Val Smith and some of the main characters will be introduced. 

For a full list of characters/actors on IMDb, Click here

For other projects and info from the director, visit his Vimeo page, Click here.

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