Creative Writing | "Daddy’s Day" by H.F. Mann

“My Sunday School teacher said that Father’s Day is soon. She said we might want to get him a card, or maybe a present.”
The big brown eyes looking up at me, as I perched on a bar stool in our kitchen shelling peas, held more than a bit of worry. “That’s true, honey,” I assured my anxious prekindergartener.
“But mom, I don’t have a father.”
“Sure you do, that’s your daddy.”
“Oh, then he is a father and a daddy?”
“That’s right. Climb up here onto the other bar stool and let’s think about this.” The stall was for my own benefit. I had never really thought about the subject at hand in great detail. However, I am a mom, and I can be quick. Think on my feet, well, kind of.
“You know, now that I think about it there might be a tiny, very slight difference in a daddy and a father. A father is a man who is one-half of you. For instance, you both have brown eyes,  you both have a certain shape of the nose, you see? The other half of you is me. You have the same color of hair as I do and your toes are funny like mine.”
“But mom, Jimmy doesn't have a father or a daddy either. Why?”
Humm, shaky ground here. “Sometimes the father is in the military and is far away in another place. Then, there are times when something happens to take the father away and the mom is trying to be a daddy too. But, everyone has a father.”
I shoved the peas backward. They could wait. “Maybe you have a father and a daddy. When you were little, daddy went far away to fight for us. He came back to us, and he held you when you took your first steps. He goes to work every day to make money for us to have this nice house, food and Skippy and MeMeow. Daddy takes you fishing, teaches you how to catch a baseball, and score a hoop. Remember, how he held you up when you learned how to ride your bike? He is in Scouts too so he can be with you. Daddy is the man that loves you so much, that sometimes he sneaks into your room when you are sleeping, so he can just look at how beautiful you are.”
“I’m a boy. I’m not beautiful.”
“Oh but you are to daddy and me. Daddy is the man who will protect you and teach you how to be a fine, hard-working, honest man like he and your grandpas are. He will never lie to you or leave you.”
I put my arm around my child and looked into those brown eyes that I love so much. “Daddy really does think you are beautiful and he is so proud you are his son. You are a lucky boy. See, you have a father and a daddy.” I pulled the peas toward me. Time to finish my task. “How about we bake daddy’s favorite cake and tell him how much we love him and how happy we are to be his family on Father’s Day. I’ll bet he would like that, don’t you?”
“Okay. We can make a carrot cake and I can help put in the raisins. I’m going to go make him a card too. I think I’ll draw a big fish on it. Will you help me write Happy Daddy’s Day?

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