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0 Donations Needed | Cat Victim of Abuse, Needs Funds to Recover

(Additional image.  *Could be upsetting to some.)

"We have an amazing patient that needs our help. Please meet P3 King. P3 is a 2 year old female Calico kitty that has unfortunately been a victim of animal abuse in our community.

P3 had gone missing for a few days and when her loving owner's found her she had been shot 4 times. One of the bullets was shot through the center of her left eye. This required a surgery to remove her eye. She was also shot in her left front leg which shattered the humerus beyond repair. On Memorial Day Dr. Harrell came in to perform her second surgery to remove her left front leg.

P3 has been in ICU for the last week. Through the whole ordeal she has an amazing spirit and is one of the most loving kitties we have had the pleasure to care for.

Please help us raise funds for P3's care. P3's owners love her very much and are doing every thing to help finance her care.

Any funds donated over the next 14 days to the Desmond Fund (our charitable fund to help abuse cases), will to used to help pay for P3's care.

Anyone wishing to help may call the clinic ((361) 727-0900) or come by (1005 E Main St, Ste 1, Rockport, Texas 78382) and make a donation. Thank you in advance to all our BBAC Friends for your help."

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