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0 Letter to the Editor | "Re: May 7th Groundwater Management District Vote" | by Diane Davis

"As most of you know, the May 7th proposition to create a Groundwater Management District in Aransas County failed: 1643 against; 197 for. And, if you have been following its status, you may also know that even though it was voted down, we were all made aware at the June 8th regular meeting of the Groundwater Conservation District that it was just a matter of time until another election would be held on this same proposition. Yes, everyone, we will most probably get a “second chance” to vote on this. With this thought in mind, I would like to pose the following question to our GCD Temporary Board of Directors, our County Judge and the County Commissioners:

Let’s say the May 7th election had gone the other way and the proposition passed. Would I, as a tax paying, property owning citizen of Aransas County have the same right you did and be able to ask for another election since I didn’t like the way this one turned out?

Please share this if you might be wondering the same thing or even better ask your County Commissioner, the Judge or members of the GCD for the answer."

Diane Davis
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