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0 Roving Reporter | "So Long, And Thanks for All The Fish" | Text and Photos by Jeanette Larson

A crowd of about 15 Wings Rescue Center members and volunteers, along with media from Corpus Christi and Victoria, celebrated the release of their first rescue pelican on Thursday, June 2 at Rockport Beach. The pelican was rescued on April 5 with a torn pouch. Near starvation, he was tended to by the veterinarian from Texas Sealife Center who repaired the pouch. Nearly two months later, sfter the bird gained weight, thanks to a lot of fish, and spent time regaining his strength in a flight cage, he was ready for freedom. A second rescued pelican with whom our Rockport pelican had bonded was also released on Thursday. Amanda Terry from Texas Sealife Center brought the birds back to Rockport and assisted Kay Adams, president of Wings Rescue Center, in the release. Video of the birds leaving their crates can be viewed on the Wings Rescue Center's Facebook page. Brown pelicans have a life expectancy of 15-25 years.

Wings Rescue Center is taking in a lot of birds during migration and nesting season, including many abandoned babies. Volunteers raise the babies for a couple of weeks, feeding them every hour or two during the day. Older and injured birds are transported to Texas Sealife Center for rehabilitation.

Photo credit: Dustin Wright

Jeanette is a retired librarian and author. She and her husband, retired architect and artist Jim Larson, moved to Rockport several years ago for the birds, the beach, and the coastal community.

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