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0 Roving Reporter | "Woodpeckers Take Flight: TSC Released 4 Woodpeckers" | by Jeanette Larson (with Photos and Video)

Photo credit: Texas Sealife Center
"On Saturday, June 18, Texas Sealife Center released four Golden Fronted Woodpeckers that had been rescued as babies in Rockport by Wings Rescue Center. They were rescued May 27, 2016 but by June 5, 2016 were able to be moved to a larger enclosure where they could test their wings. Although the birds came from Rockport, they were released into an oak mott behind Sealife Center as that environment is better for them. Video by Texas Sealife Center staff shows the little ones flying off to their new home.

Golden Fronted Woodpeckers are primarily a bird from Mexico and Central America and extend into brushland and open woodlands in the US only in Texas and Oklahoma. Fully grown they are extremely striking birds, as seen in the last photograph." - Jeanette Larson

 Photo credit: Rachael Diaz

Photo credit: Texas Sealife Center

Photo credit: Jeanette Larson

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