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0 Pet Adoption | R/F Humane Society: Kelsea Dreams in Poetry

One of the most intelligent and hard working pups at the shelter is Miss Kelsea, a young Dachshund mix that hasn't had the best of starts in life. After seeing this little face and looking into her pleading chocolate eyes, we just had to pull her from Animal Control and find her a home.

But wouldn't you know it, she was heart worm positive. Sooo, as our policy is to not release positive dogs, we had her treated and she is now finished and ready to go to her furever home. But first Kelsea wanted to share the poem she wrote during her weeks of confinement just to show her potential family how smart and sensitive she is.

K is for my keen sense of loyalty.
E is for extra, the extra sweet kisses I give.
L is for love, my endless supply to share.
S is for shiny, my glossy coat and bright eyes.
E is for exuberance, both in play and but wiggles.
A is for adoption, my biggest and best dream come true!

Come on out and meet this author, have her recite her lyrics and maybe between the 2 of you, you can create a love song.

The Humane Society and Adoption Center of Rockport/Fulton
1308 Myrtle St

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