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0 Roving Reporter | "BOLO for INJURED BIRDS: Pelican and Great Blue Heron" (Shared by Jeanette Larson)

Brown Pelican with missing beak (Photo by Kay Adams)

              Typical Great Blue Heron
Wings Rescue Center is looking for two injured birds. Be on the lookout for a Great Blue Heron (see photo for example) with fishing line wrapped around one leg. Unless volunteers can get the bird and remove the fishing line he will likely loose the leg and then starve. He's been spotted around the Salt Water Pool at Rockport Beach.

This serves as an opportunity to remind folks to collect their fishing line and dispose of it properly. Fishing line hurts a wide variety of birds, as well as other animals such as turtles. It can even hurt pets and, in rare cases, has injured swimmers and kayakers. Fishing line does not degrade or decompose.

A pelican has been spotted around Holiday Beach and near the kayak launch at the end of Airport Road. He is pictured below. He is missing most of his upper beak. Although he can swim and fly, and eat food that is tossed to him, he can not scoop food or dive with the missing beak. He will come close to people but shies away from nets.

If you see either of these birds, please call Wings Rescue Hotline at 361-205-0892 or Kay Adams at 512-784-8223. Please do not attempt to rescue yourself unless you are a trained rescuer. If, by some chance, you do get the bird, keep it in a pet crate with no food or water. Call the hotline immediately for pick up. Wings Rescue Center is a volunteer run organization and appreciates your help.

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