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0 Roving Reporter | "Ibises Released!" | Text and 3 Photos by Jeanette Larson

Leaving the carrier

Fledgling Ibis
"On Monday, August 29, 2016 Wings Rescue Center volunteers released two juvenile ibises at Rockport Beach. The two birds, one a pre-fledgling and the other a fledgling, were picked up in late June and early July and transported to Texas Sealife Center in Flour Bluff for care. When they were fit for release, the birds were transported back to Rockport and released in an area where other ibis are present and feeding. Although they were a little reluctant at first to leave the carrier, they quickly took flight and landed nearby." - Jeanette Larson

Ready for freedom
Jeanette Larson is a retired librarian and author. She and her husband, retired architect and artist Jim Larson, moved to Rockport several years ago for the birds, the beach, and the coastal community.

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