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0 Roving Reporter | "Interesting Finds on the Beach!" | 6 Photos and Text Lisa Kaye

This past weekend we went to the National Seashore to try out some 4 wheeling in the sand. We drove about 60 miles down the beach, over to Port Mansfield Channel, which is beautiful!

Not only did we have fun, but we also found some interesting things we've never seen before. (caution, you won't be able to see these things by car, must have off road capabilities)

The 'finds" have made me wonder many things! How long have they been there? Where did they come from? How far did they travel before landing on the beach?

These 2 are called offshore buoy or an offshore channel marker. My husband is standing in front of the one to give you an idea how large they are. (he is 6'2")

I am told these large ball like things are called Dredge Anchor Buoys.

They certainly look interesting! I'd love to learn more about them. These things were huge! I can't imagine how they even washed up on shore, they look heavy! Looks like they have lived a rough life with all those dents, or perhaps they are supposed to be there.

Port Mansfield Channel

Sea shells galore!

These were in a place called Little Shell Beach and Big Shell Beach, a part of the National Seashore. The shells were so plentiful that I saw a couple scooping them up in baskets, and taking them to the water to rinse without them washing away. This image was right on the beach, there were many more where the tides had washed them way up on shore, piles of them!

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