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0 Roving Reporter | "Sun Set & Moon Rise" | Photos and Text by Lisa Kaye

As many of you know I often take photos of the sunsets at Murph Park. Last night 8-05-16 I was in for a couple of special treats!

Just as the sun had gone down completely, and left only it's orange glow, a sliver of the moon was high over head. It made for a beautiful sight! A friend and I sat there and enjoyed the serenity until it was completely dark.

Just as we got in the car to leave a raccoon made an appearance, so we sat there and watched it climb on the trash can for a while. He must have been waiting for us to leave.

I just love living in a place where I can enjoy so much, that costs nothing but the time I give it.

I love how in the photo below, the last of the sun rays are "leading to the moon."

Always take some time each day to appreciate what is given to us! - Lisa Kaye

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