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0 How-To | "Empty, Cleaned McCormick Spice Containers Make Handheld Hummingbird Feeders" | by Alicia

We already gave folks 1 idea on how to reuse their old spice containers seen here, but here's another one for our feathered friends...  Don't spend money on handheld hummingbird feeders, use an old McCormick spice container....they are the perfect color! Be SURE to clean the plastic thoroughly with dish soap and water. If you want to cut the top off, make sure there are no sharp edges! [Get our sugar-water recipe here.]

Also, you might try and avoid any super spicy spices that might be hard to clean fully like ground cayenne pepper or ground ginger. I noticed that some spices such as seeds (celery, mustard) have small holes, while ground spices have larger holes...so you may want to experiment a bit.  If you try this trick, and have success, please post pictures on our Hummer/Bird Memory page here!

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