Roving Reporter / PSA | "An Ugly Side of Feeding Hummingbirds" by Lisa Kaye

This post contains graphic photographs of deceased birds, which may be upsetting to some. Please be advised.

"I learned that there is a danger most of us are putting our little flying jewels in, without even realizing it. I want to share this information with all of you, so that you can pass it on, in order to help spare our hummingbirds and a part of our hearts too. :(

Anita G. Renaud was kind enough to let me share this image with you in order to help prevent the danger few of us have considered.

I belong to a Facebook group, called The Birds of Texas that had a post recently that has truly upset me, to the point that I have to share this information, as upsetting as the images are.

Right now, hummingbirds are quite popular in the group due to the migration. Many of us have feeders out on shepherds hooks made up of multiple hooks. The danger lies in the area where the hooks meet the pole, forming a "V." See the image below for reference.

Photo Credit: Anita G. Renaud

I have read a couple of stories where members in The Birds of Texas Facebook group have found a dead hummingbird, hung by its little neck in that "V" part of the hook. The single hooks are fine as they do not have that "V" area.

Please, if you have these type of hooks, fill that "V" area with something, such as tape. It may not look as pretty, but it would be better than having to remove a tiny body after a preventable death.
Photo Credit: Anita G. Renaud

I didn't know, myself until I read a few people's posts and saw their photos.

I am working on fixing all of my hooks. I am trying to use pretty duct tape so it won't look too ugly. Here is how I have fixed mine, see below. The tape is adhered so that the sticky sides are mashed together, so that the hummingbirds do not get stuck in the tape. If this comes lose, I will try something else to save these little beauties that we all love.

I just got a message from someone suggesting slipping a washer over the hook, and down, to cover that "V." That is probably a better idea than the tape! I will have to find some washers that will fit. I will keep trying until I find what works best.

Photo Credit: Anita G. Renaud

If you have another suggestion, other than using tape or washers, please leave a comment on this post below.

I am very sorry for the graphic images of the birds, but it is a danger that WE can fix!"

 - Lisa Kaye
(Thank you Anita for the use of your photos.)

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