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0 Salute and Thank Our Troops! | Shared by Cindy D. | Sept 7, 2016

Photo by Stephen & Donna Schneider
Please help get the news out that Heroes Cup Wounded Veterans will be driving into town next Wednesday, September 7th at 2:25-ish. They have procession with Police/Sheriff escort.

2:25-2:30 Hit south end of town: Downtown Austin St. to Bus Hwy 35
2:45-3:00 RFHS 15 min stop for Patriotic Welcome
3:00 Continue on Business Hwy 35 from RFHS to Cactus street turn-off. (Staying at LightHouse Inn)

Please share on to ALL! Make friends aware so they may stand along route to let these Veterans know they matter! What nice ending to see crowds/individuals at various spots along route waving their support to our Veterans!

Thank you,

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