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0 "A Dance with a Queen" | Text and 4 Photos by Lisa Kaye

Our days are getting shorter, and the hummingbirds' visit is almost over for this year, but for the few who decide to remain. I was lucky enough to capture a magical moment when I became one with nature.

I watched this little guy as he flitted all about the Queen of Sheba vine, looking for the best flower to taste, a sample here, and there.

It looked as if he were dancing with the vine, as the flowers swayed softly in the breeze, releasing their sweet scent to draw him nearer to her. I would have loved to freeze that moment of magic in time. Nothing seemed to exist for a short period, except the hummingbird, the queen, her scent, and me.

I managed to capture the moment. Sadly I cannot produce the scent, and that magical feeling to share with you. Take time to enjoy those special moments God gives us. - Lisa Kaye

The Queen of Sheba

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