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0 Aransas County ISD | "Formal Statement Addressing Clowns" | Updated: 10-5-16

This is an official statement from Aransas County ISD. Correspondence was received by Rockport-Fulton High School's Principal from a student of a screen shot from a social media platform. The screen shot was a picture of a person with a clown mask, including text. The text named several Gulf Coast Cities, including Rockport and that the clowns were coming. The reason this message caused alarm is because as a nation we are dealing with clown threats. The principal gave the information to the ACISD Police Department, who in turn contacted the Aransas County Sheriff's Department and Rockport Police Department. As an extra measure, surrounding school districts and police departments were contacted. Although there weren't any direct threats against ACISD campuses, that night at the volleyball game extra members of the ACISD police department were present. It has come to our attention this week, that a student contacted a clown that is reportedly supposed to be connected with the clowns that are causing disruption in the nation, asking the clown to come to Rockport to try and cause disruption on the middle school campus by way of a lockdown. This message was then intercepted by another student who asked for the clown to come to the high school also hoping that a lockdown would ensue. As soon as these reports were received the ACISD Police Department and the Rockport Police Department have been vigilant in providing extra protection for our campuses. The middle school performed a mock lock down to practice what to do in the event of a real lock down. Aransas County ISD would like to assure the community that there have not been any clown sightings on our campuses nor has there been any direct threats targeting our campuses. We are taking this matter very seriously and will remain vigilant to protect students and staff.

Aransas County ISD
Updated: 10.05.2016, Source

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