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0 PHOTO CHALLENGE! | Full "Moon Off" Photography Contest! *1st Prize Wins a Print by Stephen Fisher!* | Upload Deadline: Nov 17

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Stephen Fisher: "Last week the WWN Rockport put up on Facebook a teaser about having a “Moon Off” photography competition. Well…I love the idea, and we are going to do this! Here is your photo challenge:

1. The next full moon is November 14, 2016. Interestingly enough, it’s called the “Beaver Moon.” Back in the day this was the last full moon that the pioneers and Indians could use to set their beaver traps before winter really set in.

2. This contest is meant to be FUN and it’s open to everyone who “Likes” the WWN Rockport page on Facebook. That’s easy enough! Please don’t feel you might not be a good enough photographer to participate. I can PROMISE that you are more than good enough!


3. Take a photograph of the moon on November 14, 2016. Email your photo to wwnimages@gmail.com OR post it in the comments below. Upload deadline is Thursday, November 17th by 10:00am CT. Don't forget to include a brief description of who, what, where, when, and how!

4. Photos made with smart phones, point and shoot cameras, DSLR’s, and anything else you can make a photo with are accepted. They do have to be made on November 14!  I’ll be able to tell if they’re not… :)

5. Did I mention this is to be FUN? Let’s get creative and do something outside of the proverbial box. I put some tips on moon photography in a recent WWN Rockport Newsletter article. Take a look at it for some ideas you might use.

6. The WWN Rockport Webmaster and I (Stephen Fisher) will judge all of the entries. The winning entry will win a print from Stephen Fisher Photography!

OK…there’s plenty of time to practice and get ready for this epic event! Get shooting…

Upload Your Photo Here:
*Photos should be made of the full moon on November 14th*

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