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0 Roving Reporter | "Pelicans Released" | Photos and Caption by Jeanette Larson

"Wings Rescue Center released two young pelicans at Cove Harbor South on Saturday, October 15. One had been rescued in the area, while the other was from Corpus Christi but had bonded with the Rockport pelican. The couple who actually performed the rescue were given the honor of releasing the birds. Both hung around for quite awhile and seemed right at home in Cove Harbor.

Wings Rescue Center is a volunteer run, donation-funded organization that currently partners with Texas Sealife Center for rehabilitation and care of birds rescued in Aransas County."  - Jeanette Larson

Jeanette Larson is a retired librarian and author. She and her husband, retired architect and artist Jim Larson, moved to Rockport several years ago for the birds, the beach, and the coastal community.

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