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0 City of Rockport | "Maintenance Building at Memorial Park Burglarized"

Employees of the City’s Park Department had a bad start to their day on Tuesday, November 8 when they entered the fenced and locked area around the maintenance building at Memorial Park to find that the metal doors have been pried open. Upon further investigation, they realized that thousands of dollars of landscaping equipment and hand tools were missing.

According to Parks Director Rick Martinez, thieves had scaled the six foot security fence and made off with leaf blowers, weed eaters, bush trimmers, telescoping clippers, drills, hand tools and an air compressor. At that time, he estimated the cost of replacement and repair to be approximately $12,000.

Later that afternoon, Park employees discovered a cache of equipment hidden in some brush along the fence line. The value of the recovered equipment is $1,200 - $1,500.

“This was a major blow to our daily operations,” Martinez noted. “Each of our employees is responsible for maintenance in more than 20 sites throughout the City. We had to readjust schedules and to delay work in some areas as we didn’t have the necessary equipment.” Martinez and Parks Maintenance Manager George Bennett have been securing bids for replacement over the past 48 hours Although the City has an insurance policy covering theft, there is a $2500 deductible. Additionally, the insurance company requires the policyholder to replace the equipment and then submit receipts for repayment. Terms of the replacement, whether based on current value or new equipment, are currently being discussed.

Anyone who may have information regarding the event that would lead to the capture of the burglars or the recovery of the equipment, should contact Commander Jerry Lawing of the City’s Criminal Investigation Division at 361-790-1105.

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