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0 City of Rockport | New Playground Equipment Installed at Memorial Park

The Parks and Leisure Services Department has installed two sets of Expression SwingTM in the children’s playground at Memorial Park, located at the intersection of Pearl St/FM 2165 and Enterprise Blvd. Developed in 2015, Expression SwingTM is the industry’s first playground swing that promotes intergenerational play as adults and children swing together. “What we really liked about this equipment is that it allows a parent and child, or grandparent and child, to interact with each other face-to-face,” noted Parks Director Rick Martinez. “Although it is relatively new, we’ve witnessed its popularity in larger markets and wanted to bring it to Rockport.”

For additional information, call the City of Rockport’s Park and Leisure Services Department at (361) 790-1136, or email to parks2@cityofrockport.com.

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