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0 City of Rockport | Tropical Christmas CANCELLED

ROCKPORT, TX – At a meeting today with Mayor C.J. Wax, City Manager Kevin Carruth and Director of Parks and Leisure Services Rick Martinez, the difficult decision was made to cancel the annual Tropical Christmas celebration, which was slated for December 3. This includes the entertainment and all activities scheduled for the Festival Grounds, the lighted night parade and the fireworks.

The decision was made after reviewing various weather forecasts. “While we all know a little rain won’t hurt anyone, the predictions of strong wind, thunder and lightning, and continuous storms are definitely a cause for concern,” stated Martinez. “One of the City’s prime missions is to ensure the safety of its residents and visitors, as well as vendors, performers, and other participants, and we felt that continuing the event might put them in harm’s way.”

Officials also said that today was the decision threshold for avoiding the full costs of some of the events and minimizing losses. The Parks Department is in the process of contacting all the vendors, entertainers and volunteers, who had signed up to participate.

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