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Mimi Meowski is here to educate humans on how the tradition of Catsgiving is every bit as much fun as the human Thanksgiving. As one of the older generation, Mimi has been entrusted with the story of the First Catsgiving.

What do cats bring to the table you ask? Haven't you heard of Oven Roasted Tuna?Catnip Mashed Potatoes?  Creamed Mouse Pie with fresh Whipped Cream? The recipe's have been passed down through the generations of Mimi's relatives with very little deviation from the original ones that were concocted way back when.

There are no white tablecloths allowed at the Catsgiving table - inevitably, one of the family knocks over a glass or 2, and let's not get started on gravy dribbles, that's just the way that kitties roll. And speaking of rolls, don't they make the best butter holders? Just the right size and weight for licking it off.

And what's the holiday without a little football? Or in Mimi's case, a little bat-the-ball around the house. Tussling and romping in the yard is just a natural way of working up an appetite for Catsgiving dinner.

Oh, and who do you think invented the after dinner cat-nap? You can thank the feline community for the delightful indulgence.

To learn more about the origin of Catsgiving and how Mimi's family started all of these wonderful traditions, come on out & have a chat with her. She'd love to sit on your lap and tell you all about it as you stroke her beautiful brown fur. And don't forget to ask her about her Black Friday pricing - she's got the Senior Special and has her adoption fee waived! Now that's something to be grateful for!

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