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0 Pet Adoption | R/F Humane Society: Serena's Personal Ad

If Serena could write, this would be her ad in the Personal section of the Want Ads, it would read something like this:

Single Young Lady seeks companionship. Ideal partner would have multiple kids to play with in a large yard with balls to catch & grass to roll around on. It would also include lots of fun and laughter and of course a soft comfy spot to lay my head on – not adverse to that being your lap mind you.

I enjoy long walks (on the beach is optional) with humans, kibble for breakfast and treats of just about any flavor (except for chocolate – it can make me very sick), it won’t be long before I’m eating out of your hand. On hot days, I enjoy lounging in the pool and napping under the trees. Cooler days make me want to snuggle up tight as my fur coat is short and your bed is so much warmer.

I’m a healthy, energetic girl with a happy, goofy side and I get along with just about everyone – there won’t be any in-law issues with me. Let’s just say that I’m full of big love and big fun. I’m also full of intelligence, my new home would have an owner who could teach me all about Please and Thank You and train me to entertain on command – what games we will play!

I’m a real catch; pretty, smart, athletic and loving – what more could you ask in a partner?

1308 Myrtle St

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