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0 Roving Reporter | "Wings Proposal Doesn't Fly with City Council" | Article and 4 Photos by Jeanette Larson

A request from Wings Rescue Center to enter into a contract with the City of Rockport to reimburse the organization for the veterinary care and feeding of rescued birds was rejected by the Rockport City Council at their November 8, 2016 meeting. The item had been tabled at the October 25th meeting when Mayor Charles Wax requested documentation that the ARK in Port Aransas was no longer accepting out-of-area birds. Wings President Kay Adams presented the Council with the letter that Tony Amos had sent to all local governments a year ago asking that they step up to care for and provide stewardship for injured and orphaned wild birds. Wings took on this challenge in April 2016 and to date has rescued and cared for over 250 birds, one third of them picked up within the city limits.

Council unanimously rejected the request citing a "slippery slope" in giving to a non-profit, the feeling that since the Aransas County Navigation District provided funds for birds rescued on their property meant Rockport taxpayers were already supporting bird rescue, and the need to use unbudgeted funds for other things. Council did not that Wings could make a request to be included in the 2017 budget. Wings volunteers spoke about the need to provide stewardship for our birds and the importance of birds and fishing to our economy and to visitors and residence. Wings Rescue Center had collected 50 signatures on a petition within 10 days and many supporters had written or emailed Council asking for support. President Kay Adams was disappointed with the decision but stated that the group will continue to rescue birds and volunteers will continue to pay for their care with donations and fundraisers.

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