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0 Roving Reporter | "Wings Rescue Center Visits Schools" | Text and 3 Photos Courtesy of Martha Mcleod, Shared by Jeanette Larson

Photo credit: Martha Mcleod
Wings Rescue Center volunteers Kay Adams and Rachel Diaz presented an early morning program to birding team students at Fulton 4-5 Learning Center on Wednesday, November 2, 2016. Wings Rescue Center began operations in April 2016 to care for orphaned and injured birds in the Rockport-Fulton area. So far approximately 230 birds have been treated by Wing's team of volunteers.

Photo credit: Martha Mcleod
Adams and Diaz brought a couple of rehabilitated doves to the school to share with the students. Students were shown a power point slide presentation followed by an interactive question and answer session. Students learned about the primary causes of injuries to birds in this area and were shown pictures of some of the birds that have been brought in to Wings Rescue Center. Discarded fishing line and hooks cause many problems for our local shorebirds. Automobiles and windows are other big causes of injuries to birds. Orphaned birds mostly are the result from strong winds which knock baby birds from their nests. Predation from pet cats is another leading cause of avian mortality.

The school's birding team students will be working to share the knowledge they gained from this presentation with their peers and others during the upcoming months of school.

Photo credit: Martha Mcleod

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