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0 HAPPY NEW YEAR! -- A Year's End Note from Alicia

Dear Friends, 

Late December is always a quiet and reflective time at the WWN, when folks are busy spending time with friends and family. We start to think about the previous year, how we've been able to serve the community, our readers, and what we can do better in the year to come.

One big highlight from 2016 was the addition of Facebook comment boxes to our posts, which in turn, has made the amount of comments increase over 300%! It's been so nice to hear from so many of you! We hope you have enjoyed reading the comments at the top of the newsletter each week.

In 2016, with help from our wonderful contributors, we have shared over 1,300 posts!! and welcomed approx. 150,000 unique visitors to our website. We've added nearly 500 additional readers, about 600 fans to our Facebook page, and have tweeted over 2,000 times to our 1,300+ followers on Twitter!!

While moving forward, and tightening up our ship in preparation for 2017, please know that your thoughts and suggestions matter greatly. If you have ideas, please let us know! Thank you for your support of the WWN, a free community publication since 2005!

WWN Webmaster  (email me)

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