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0 The World According to Bella | "Holiday Countdown"

My stocking has been hung by the chimney with care and Mrs. S is in her usual frenzy baking away. Too bad I’ve been feeling a little sick the past few days. I don't have much of an appetite to even enjoy the dropped crumbs. Perhaps I may have overdone the feasting thing out in the woods.

It all started out with my usual walk to the mailbox. I got sidetracked when several new smells filled the air. Even with snow cover I managed to dig out a buffet bonanza right along the road near my neighbor’s yard. Deer parts were everywhere. By the time we got home Mr. C was forced to make several trades with me. Lucky they still had leftover turkey which works for me. Soon after our walk we left the lake for the cities. With only 20 minutes left in the trip I started to feel real sick. I tried to let Mr. C know he should stop but it seemed like he was ignoring me. With no warning I moved up toward the front seat from the back of the van and very neatly I must say threw up in the center console, filling it up to the brim. Poor Mr. C had to clean it up. He was not happy. I went to bed. with a bad tummy ache.

Mrs. S thinks since I am starting to feel better we should work on my Christmas list. She found this fancy white mailbox at a store nearby that says Santa Letters Only. If you remember last year I only had two things on my list: camouflage backpack like Sadies and a memory foam orthopedic bed. I was lucky and got the bed and a bag almost like Sadies for our trip out West. This year I am getting my list in early as I think that helps. One thing I’m not wishing for is another trip out West. I had way too many problems there last year. Actually a trip to the beach sounds good to me. Perhaps I’ll add it to my list hoping Santa will think I'm not too greedy.

It snowed again but not 16 inches like a few weeks ago. Now that I am in the cities on leash I do not get into as much trouble. I’m more well behaved. Lucky for me Mr. C takes me every day to the dog park where I can run free and play. It’s easy to forget I’m a middle-aged dog when I’m there.

Wishing all my WWN friends early holiday greetings. Don’t forget on Christmas Eve to check Santa’s twitter account for updated information and NORAD which keeps track of his route.

Love, Bella

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