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0 Roving Reporter | 1/31/2017

Fulton Mansion

"Everyone enjoyed discussing the January Parlor Chat book club reading yesterday! Join us on February 27 at 10:00am for our Parlor Chat book club discussion on Searching the Heart: Women, Men, & Romantic Love in Nineteenth Century America by Karen Lystra. We will pair this book with selected letters written between George and Harriet; stop in and ask for a copy of the letters to pair with the book. Order your book now, read your book, and join in on the discussion! Books available for purchase online at major retail sites."  Photo by Melody Woods

Rockport Film Festival

"Thank you to the 79 people who came out to the screening last night! We raised $920 toward the purchase of speakers and projector. Thank you to Latitude 28'02' Restaurant & Art Gallery, Mike Collins, Kathy David, John JD Debler, Phil Albin, and Angela Bentz Attal."

Photo by Elena Rodz

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