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0 Pet Adoption | Not-So Little Dude is Big On Love!

Just looking at this handsome cat, one would assume that he outgrew his name some time ago – at almost 10 lbs, he’s not exactly “little”. He is, however, all dude… a sweet, affectionate little dude kitty. Some of his admirers have taken to calling him Doodle as he’s known to wind and wriggle around their legs as they attempt to clean & tidy the cattery.

Little Dude came to us after his owner, Rockport’s very own Marty Sue Marshall, passed away and promises weren’t kept, plans fell through and time ran out. And so, the Dude came to us, knowing that we’ll keep him safe & healthy until a new family can be found. Little Dude is really missing being in a home with fingers that can do the chin scritchin’ and hands that can keep the food bowl filled. He’s more than willing to help out around the house – he’s great at supervising any cleaning that needs done and as far as keeping your chair warm….well, let’s just say that he’s mastered that position.

 Little Dude’s best attribute (besides his snuggly personality) has got to be his face – the combination of that itty bitty black goatee combined with that adorable black heart nose sit right under his mysterious mask that hides nothing (even though he thinks he’s so secretive!). All staff & volunteers have fallen head over heels for the super hero behind the mask – come on out & meet him, see if you don’t as well.

The Humane Society and Adoption Center of Rockport/Fulton 
1308 Myrtle St

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