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Who says you need to go all the way to AZ for an adventure when I found many waiting for me right here in Minnesota. Our trip back was uneventful until we got 98 miles from home. We had to make an emergency stop at Walmart to have someone look at the tire. According to Mr. C the tire was losing pressure and fast! It was raining really hard as we pulled into their parking lot. The man said our car had to go high up on the tire rack for him to look at it. Big problem for me as I'm afraid of heights and I couldn't wait outside with all the rain. The man was nice. He said I could wait inside the store and if anyone asked I was a service dog. No one asked. I did get a few pats on the back and some smiles.

This tiny deer bone was the cause of the tire problem. Mrs. S ran over it.

I was sooooo happy to be home and roll in real grass not rocks.

The next day I was up really early with the sun. I was in a BIG hurry to get to the dog park to see my doggie friends. I'd been gone so long I was hoping they hadn't forgotten me. As we were leaving the park I spied a bunny and the chase began. The problem was because I took off so fast Mr. C lost control and my leash did not get snapped back on. Then Mrs. S gets a call when she was at the grocery store. A lady tells her I am found and at her house. Mrs. S does not understand where Mr. C is who was supposed to be watching me. Well I got tired chasing the bunny and could not find Mr. C anywhere at the park. So I just started walking back home on our usual route. Then this lady sees me and thinks I am lost but I didn't feel lost. She took me inside her house. After many phone calls Mr. C showed up at her door. I was happy chewing on a raw hide bone (she just happened to have her own dog). Mr. C was annoyed I ran off and now I didn't want to leave. Mrs. S had many LOUD words with Mr. C when we returned.

Two days later we switched locations again. And so begins my up north adventures.

This entire deer leg so far is my biggest find of the season. I was particularly proud of it but I couldn't understand why Mrs S didn't share my enthusiasm. A find like this deserved a very fine trade. So in the end I sprung for a bowl of sugar snap peas and half a milkbone. I had to be tethered so I wouldn't escape.

Later while out on our walk I found part of a deer hide. I'm sure with a little more time I might be able to find enough parts to assemble a whole deer right in my yard.

The lake was great for a week. I had several swims then the snow came.


I'm hoping for a Spring thaw soon.

Love, Bella

Sue Ready is a retired middle school teacher, freelance writer, food blogger and creator of The World According to Bella. Sue has visited Rockport several times over the years and is a regular contributor to the WWN! See her other posts here.

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