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0 Roving Reporter | "Audubon Youth Will Volunteer at the C. Hagar Cottage Sanctuary"

A group from the Young Women’s Conservation Action Program of Audubon Texas’ statewide Women in Conservation Program will be in Rockport June 7. This is a culminating event for the programs that were active during the school year. The young women have enjoyed various hands-on field trips and learned about natural resources in Texas. In the early summer, the Audubon centers from Dallas, Cedar Hill and San Antonio come together on the coast for a five day camping trip. This program is free to all participants and provides a unique opportunity for many from urban backgrounds. The goal is to inspire them to become more involved in conservation and environmental sciences.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with these youth and share the conservation passion of our area,” says Glenn Gomez of the Friends of Connie Hagar. “These young women will assist Friends in keeping the trails cleared for walkers and birders and at the same time they will meet other people who volunteer for conservation.” He added, “For these urban youth, this will be a fresh set of life experiences provided by the 2017 Audubon program.” Gomez will relate stories of Hagar’s activities as a birder and her devotion to conservation in an evening program.

The Connie Hagar Cottage Sanctuary was established in 1995 to honor Connie and her husband, Jack Hagar, who owned and managed the Rockport Cottages at the site. Over the years the Friends of Connie Hagar held events in Sanctuary to call attention to Connie’s role as a birder and environmentalist. She is a role-model as a “citizen scientist” as she collected data to show how active this coastal fly-way is during bird migrations. The Friends recently celebrated “Coffee with Connie,” an event to showcase the trails and signage that have been added to the Sanctuary. To join and learn more about the Friends of Connie Hagar visit

Contact: Glenn Gomez, President, Friends of Connie Hagar, Inc. (469) 600-8169

(photos from 2016 event- youth at Hagar, work at Hagar in 2016)

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