WEATHER ALERT: Category [Now] 4 Hurricane Directly Hit Rockport


City of Rockport

Message from Mayor CJ Wax, Aug 31, 2017
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Message from Mayor CJ Wax, Aug 30, 2017
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Messages from Mayor CJ Wax

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  1. City of Rockport
  2. A Message from Mayor Wax

    August 28, 2017
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    An Information Center has been set up at the First Presbyterian Church, which is located on Hwy 35 between N. Live Oak and Magnolia
    August 27, 2017 - 9:40pm
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    One Message. One Voice.  We Are Strong.  We Will Rebuild.

    UPDATE August 28  10:20 AM  
    Water, Food (Meals Ready to Eat) and Ice are being distributed at the HEB in Rockport,

     Harvey Flood Forecast from National Weather Service 4:30 pm briefing.  Click here
     10 am National Weather Service Briefing.  Click here
    1.  IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT INSURANCE.   Click here for information about claims.  Very important to do it NOW in some form as the laws for the state  change on September 1 -- just days away

    2.  American Red Cross has information on shelters, assistance AND a special site where you can register that you're safe and look for others who have registed.  The phone number is 1.866.438.4636.  Click herefor the direct link.

    3.  You can return during the 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. period to check on your property.  Be advised that you need to bring with you everything you need to support your visit.  The closest retail locations for gas, food, hardware, and anything else is south of downtown Corpus Christi.  Rockport does not have water, sewer, or electricity.  There are no hotel rooms in Corpus Christi or Victoria.

    There are nails and other tire hazards all over the roads so be certain to bring spare tire(s) and fix-a-flat.  The main roads are mostly clear as of today but there are still down power lines and the residential streets are very hazardous with fallen trees, debris, and powerlines.  Even though the powerlines are not energized by AEP, people have plugged their personal generators into their home circuits and are back-feeding electric current into AEP’s lines, i.e. you can still be electrocuted.  Also, rattlesnakes were driven ashore from St. Joseph Island and are a potential hazard, particularly the further east you go.

    You will also want to bring proof of residency (or ownership if this is a second home for you)

    UPDATE 8/27 6:35 PM

    National Weather Service Flooding and Rain Report - click here  

    The top priority remains Search and Rescue. This should be completed within the next 24 to 48 hours  with Texas Taskforce 1, Texas Taskforce 2, and Missouri Taskforce 1.  

    There is only one confirmed death as the result of a mobile home fire following the hurricane landfall.  

    Evacuation:  Buses are available to take anyone needing transportation to a shelter that will provide food and  comfortable sleeping facilities.  Anyone desiring to evacuate should go to the Veteran’s Memorial Park across from the Old HEB parking to arrange for transport.  

    Click here for full report

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    UPDATE 8/27 2:02 PM

    FEMA Transitional Shelter Assistance Info.  Click here

    AT&T has set up a mobile communication in front of the Emergency Operation/Public Safety Center.  It can be used for calling and texting outside of Rockport if you are within 3 miles of the Center.

    Residents are still urged to stay away as there are NO essential services.  If you are moving to a different location, please check to make sure roads are open at

    UPDATE 8/27 11:50 am

    Latest report from National Weather Service.

    Evacuees are urged to remain where they are.  Curfew is still in force.  Emergency crews are working and search and rescue operations continue.

    Update Saturday 8/26 6:27 pm


    Residents who have evacuated should remain where they are.  There is no power or water and all of the businesses are closed.  Emergency crews are coming in to assist.   Individuals who remained in Rockport will need to show proof of residency if they drive through town.

    You may begin the process of applying for disaster relief through this FEMA web site. Aransas County was accidentally omitted and FEMA is working to correct the situation.  Despite this, you may continue to fill out your information by scrolling further down the application.

    We appreciate everyone following these directives to ensure their safety. 

    Update Saturday 8/26 at 1:46pm

    Latest update from National Weather Service.  More comprehensive report with data

    Red Cross is staged.   

    Emergency Officials do not want us back. Powerlines are down and it is not safe. Please focus on what you can help with at this point. Start gathering these items before you return. 

    This is from friends who helped with Hurricane Katrina
    (Special thanks from Angie Ruddock):

    Generators - cannot have enough, don't have to be large
    Air compressors
    Tire repair kits - tons b/c there will be debris everywhere
    Fix-a-Flat - tons
    Square shovels - the kind you would use in a barn
    Water and ice - LARGEST NEED
    Gas cans and gas- buy and fill gas cans asap as gas will be rationed or unavailable even hours from the coast
    Fuel tanks - if anyone has big fuel tanks they use on the ranch, etc that they can fill and bring it would be appreciated.
    Also fuel tank for truck
    Auto zone air compressor 
    cigarette lighter- crazy but works when no power
    Cineplex nails
    Battery operated drill and screwdriver
    Phone and car chargers for iPhone and Android 
    Power strips
    *thank you to Jason Rabalais for using his Katrina/Rita learning experiences to help us"

    There are currently 200 or more people in our Shelters. More information will come to you as fast as we can get it.

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  11. HURRICANE HARVEY - Update Saturday 8/26 at 11:05 am

  12. Strong winds and heavy rain continue.  Until the extent of damage is determined and flooding conditions have subsided, residents will be unable to return.  This is for everyone's safety.

    Latest update from National Weather Service

    Link to American Red Cross web site to register as safe and to look for people that you are worried about.

    Link to Harvey Texas Rescue Facebook Group

    FEMA Assistance link or 1.800.621.3362

    Red Cross 1.866.438.4636

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  14. HURRICANE HARVEY - Update Saturday 8/26  8:15 am

    Now a Category 1 with strong winds and heavy rain.  Cell phone towers and power are out.  

    City is mobilizing the "bear cat" to tour the city and assess damage.  Confirmed partial damage to RF High School, Fairfield Inn and County Courthouse.

    At this moment, the best source for conditions is through the National Hurricane Center and The Weather Channel, which is broadcasting live as we're receiving limited info from the Emergency Operations Center due to disruptions

Note: First responders are just assessing the situation this morning. No word yet on when residents can return to the area. Stay tuned for information.

posted: 10:40am -- "The number one thing is we don't need people coming back. What are you going to come back to? There is no power. Very little cell service. We are assessing damage now with emergency vehicles going through. What we need is state assets," says Mayor Pro Tem Pat Rios.
CNN - August 26, 2017 11:24am EDT Texas city mayor: "There's widespread devastation" Harvey has caused "widespread devastation" in Rockport, Texas, the town's mayor, Charles Wax, tells CNN. Rockport's high school was badly damaged and many homes and businesses are destroyed, he said. And Wax is expecting things to get even worse. "We've already taken a severe blow from the storm, but we're anticipating another one when the flooding comes down," Wax said. Wax said there are no confirmed deaths, but that's "mostly because the teams have not been able to fully assess the damage" yet.



Updated 11:53 pm Friday, August 25, 2017
See briefing below and note storm surge projections.

Please be safe.

Eye wall is stagnant and extreme wind warnings continue until 2 am Sustained winds of 130 mph and gusts to 160 mph through at least Saturday morning ... and maybe into Monday or Tuesday.

Live Oak Elementary [31 Griffith Dr, Rockport, TX 78382] is the Shelter of last resort.

Reports of power outages and significant damage

There IS an evacuation notice for Aransas County. Preparations should be made for devastating to catastrophic wind impacts. Structural damage to sturdy buildings, some with complete roof and wall failure are possible. Life threatening storm surge is expected with peak storm surge values of 6 to 12 feet above ground level.

There is a concern about this storm stalling or meandering over the area for several days which will result in life threatening, devastating, and record flooding. Rainfall amounts of 15 to 25 inches with isolated areas receiving up to 35 inches possible are expected!

Please note -- electricity and water are not going to be turned off preemptively and will remain on unless damaged by the storm.

Check this site regularly for updates on the storm. Once it has been determined that it's safe to return, that information will be posted on this site.

Projected movements starting Friday at 1 pm and continuing through Saturday morning. Click here to view the maps.

Comprehensive 11 PM briefing, click here

For updated information on the storm from the National Hurricane Center, please click here

To sign up for CodeRED Emergency Notification, click here

AEP electricity outage map. Click here.

Message from Communication Center, City of Rockport

posted: 1:37pm, Aug 24
This is a Code Red message from the Public Safety Center. The County Judge has issued a mandatory evacuation effective immediately.

Harvey Alert
Evacuation Notice - Life Threatening Situation Expected

Harvey is undergoing a rapid intensification -- currently a strong tropical storm that is expected to become a Category 3 hurricane with landfall expected between Corpus Christi and Port O'Connor. Tropical force winds expected to hit Friday afternoon.

Storm surge is increasing and expected to rise to 6-10 feet. Rainfall totals of 15-20" with isolated rainfall of 30".

Please do everything you can to secure the safety of your family. If you chose to remain, there is no guarantee of your safety. If you are, or know someone who is, incapable of getting out on their own, please call 211 for instructions.

This is a life threatening, devastating situation with record flooding expected. We expect all utilities to be disrupted by the storm. First responders will be unable to assist you if you stay in Aransas County. If you choose to remain, you will be taking a significant personal risk, For updated information on the storm, please click here

posted: 12:08pm, Aug 24
"This is a Code red message from the Public Safety Center. Aransas County Officials are anticipating significant rain and wind event beginning Friday afternoon, August 25th. Rapidly strengthening hurricane Harvey poses a major threat to the entire community and is expected to make landfall as a category 3 storm.

Everyone is directed to take protective measures for your homes and personal safety by leaving and moving your loved ones and pets to higher ground inland. We expect all utilities to be disrupted. First responders will be unable to assist you if you stay in Aransas County. If you choose to remain you will be taking a significant personal risk."

posted: 5:48pm, Aug 23
"Aransas County is continuing to prepare for the anticipated impact of tropical storm Harvey. Citizens must make personal preparations for significant rain, wind and storm surge events. Please keep informed with accurate data from official Aransas County, City of Rockport or Fulton websites. Thank you."

posted: 11:47am, Aug 23
"This is Aransas County Emergency Management. Citizens need to prepare for the effects of a category one hurricane to include wind and water estimated to arrived Thursday night. Go to local government web pages for accurate information. Thank you."

CodeRED Emergency Notification System
click here

Aransas Pass Police Department

Posted on Facebook @ Aug 24: 12:20pmThere is no “time limit” on getting out. You are order[ed] to evacuate. If you choose not to or you delay your departure, there’s a strong chance you increase the risk to your own safety. Additionally, public safety crews may not be able to respond to you if you experience an emergency.

Follow our updates at

Live Radar from The Weather Channel
click here

Phased Hurricane Evacuation Plan, City of Rockport
click here

Storm Surge Map

Storm surge map. The LOWER the number the more likely your property is to be affected. A storm surge of 4 feet would impact areas in red.

National Weather Service - Weather and Hazards Data Viewer
click here

Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale
click here

People, especially those who haven't experienced a tropical storm or hurricane, are asking about wind speeds and damage. This chart might help. Current forecasts say a tropical storm just below Cat 1 hurricane will hit Rockport/Fulton. Less strength in Corpus. WWN is continuing to monitor.

City of Rockport - "Hurricane Season is Here"
Posted 6/17

Hurricane Season is Here

"Hurricane Preparedness for Pets" by Lillian Sikorski
click here
Posted 6/13

Emergency Supply Kit via FEMA
click here

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