The World According to Bella | "A Most Excellent Adventure"

Mr. C called it my excellent adventure. Mrs. S called it her worst nightmare. I think I will go with Mr. C’s take on the evening events. 

Mrs. S and I were out for an early evening walk. There was not much new along the road to sniff and no one was outside to stop and visit with. Kinda all boring until the most extraordinary happened. Like the speed of lightning I was off with Mrs. S close behind yelling “Stop! Stop!” I just ignored her.

I wish you could have seen all these chickens and ducks-they were everywhere in my neighbor’s yard. I went berserk! I was on the chase of a lifetime second only to my javelina chase in the desert. I went this way and that way every which way trying my best to catch one. I got dizzy with so many choices. And what a lot of commotion these birds made squawking, honking, quacking, chirping, peeping, clucking and wildly flapping their wings. And Mrs. S screaming made it all even louder. It looked to me like she was out of control especially at one point when I had a duck by its neck shaking it. I kept hearing over and over “No Bella! Stop!” just as I got close to one. Since I was off leash I was much too quick for Mrs. S. to catch me.

I chased them birds all around the house past the chicken coop wondering why the door was open. The feast before me was almost overwhelming and the chase was becoming exhausting, I was panting hard and my energy was running low. All of sudden Mrs. S screams “I give up!” and then she walks away. 

Perhaps she felt some reinforcements were needed to help her. I was puzzled. Soon after I had enough too and followed her to another neighbor’s house. I slowed down enough for Mrs. S to grab my collar. Quickly I was stuffed into a van and taken home. 

Mrs. S went back to the crime scene with a neighbor to check out the dead body count. Later I got the rest of the story. When they arrived back there the owners showed up. It seems they had been out on a boat ride. Much to Mrs. S’s surprise she was told these birds were all free range and were out and about getting their exercise for the day. So everyone then went on a hunt counting chickens and ducks only to find out not one life was lost. Hard to believe huh? And we know there are foxes nearby in the woods just waiting for their next meal. 

I must say I had the most excellent adventure even though now I have to be on a leash going past their house. As for Mrs. S she didn’t look too well and needed a rest.

Love, Bella

P.S. Since this was an action packed moment Mrs. S was NOT taking pictures. This is one of their coop taken last year. 

P.S.S. I just found out our new Paws and Claws Rescue Shelter in Hackensack, MN is giving 10 dogs who came from Texas after the hurricane a chance to find new homes. I am worried about other dogs still down there who might not have a place to live anymore. So Mrs. S thought we'd should donate today to she read any amount would be welcome and recurring donations will especially help them in their recovery efforts.
Sue Ready

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