The World According to Bella | "Gone Missing"

I didn't feel lost but apparently there were some out there who thought I was "missing in action." Mrs. S fielded a few phone calls and emails, neighbors stopped Mr.C on the road wondering why I was not walking much with him and someone even put a sign up near the mailbox that said Bella Gone Missing. 

There's a perfectly good reason why many may have not seen too much of me. I hurt my leg when I slipped on the wood floor. The pain was bad. I was forced to pay a visit to Dr. Steve. Mrs. S held her breath and closed her eyes when they weighed me. She was sure the number was going to be way high because I've been laying around a lot with hot weather. When we heard 77 pounds Mrs. S was in disbelief. I growled with delight when Dr. Steve declared "Bella is at her ideal weight." But I'm sure I heard Mrs. S grumble. Maybe she wished a doctor would tell her that.

I was really good at the office and stood real still while Dr. Steve looked at my leg. He then looked carefully at other back leg. When I heard the word arthritis and need stronger medicine my heart sunk. I guess I'm getting old. Tough to hear.

But the good news after two weeks I am back to my old self with three walks a day. My spirits soared when Bryan came for a visit all the way from Hawaii. It's been a long time since we've seen him. And he loves boating as much as me.

Sadie and Luna came for a visit to see Bryan. He found it's really easy to get their attention when they are promised rawhides. 

I've been keeping busy expanding my hole out front, swimming in the lake and keeping an eye on Mrs. S. She's back to cooking and I wait patiently for food drops.

I have a party invite for next week and Lucy will be there too. Check out Lucy's most recent photo after a day at the local doggie beauty shop. She looks real good. Maybe Mrs. S will sprung for some extra grooming for me as Mr. C only offers basic services. 

Did you celebrate National Dog Day on Sunday? I was lucky and found a hotdog in my dish and I got to go on a sunset cruise.

Later, to wear off some calories so I can keep at my ideal weight as Dr. Steve says, Mr. C and I went for a walk. 

Lucky me, look what I found, another deer leg to add to my collection.
I did drop it quickly for a trade, another hot dog. 

Life is good!

Love, Bella

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