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Welcome to the WWN Rockport website! See our FAQ section at the bottom of the page for a list of frequently asked questions.

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Basic Navigation: 'Getting Around'

The WWN website is in a typical blog format with posts or articles (that are often time sensitive) in the middle section of the page, with static pages listed across the top left, such as contact, about, community calendar, local weather, etc. Advertisements or 'banner ads' are available for purchase, and generally live in the top, left and bottom portion of the site.

When Browsing on a Mobile Device:

The 3-line icon shown here (referred to as a "hamburger icon" because it looks like a hamburger) shows that there is a menu there. Click it for more options.

To push the left, blue sidebar back again, use the arrow icon at the top of the sidebar, or simply click in the now darkened post portion.

Blogging & WWN Terminology
  1. Blog - (Noun) A Blog is any website that contains time-sensitive information. (Verb) The action version of the word is "blogging," which can range from businesses blogging about their services, to individuals blogging about their pets and garden. Some blogs are updated daily, while others are updated yearly.
  2. Post - (Noun) A Post is anything that is "posted" or published to a blog. Posts can be time-sensitive, contain general information, pictures, etc. (Verb) "Posting" a post is the action form of the word. It generally refers to the act of publishing.
  3. Listing (WWN Term) - A Listing is a post that is time-sensitive, that folks can choose to send out in the email Newsletter, or simply update on the WWN website. Listings include: Community Events Listings, Help Wanted Listings, Classified Listings, Business Listings, Featured Business Listings, etc. You may submit a listing here.
  4. Featured Listing (WWN Term) - A Featured listing is a for-profit post or page that is sent out in the email Newsletter. A featured listing stays online in our online directory, until the business decides to either rerun it in the email Newsletter or make a web only update. Learn more.
  5. Feed - A Feed is a stream of information that is typically time-sensitive. A feed as in an "RSS feed" is a way for publishers (like the WWN) to syndicate information to various online outlets, such as Facebook, Twitter, e-blasts, etc. The WWN has 2 main "feeds," one for our posts, and one for our comments and kudos. (All of our feeds originate at Folks may 'subscribe' to various feeds using email, text, Facebook updates, and more.
  6. Subscriber - A subscriber is any person who subscribes to a particular publication or feed. Another way of referring to a subscriber is: reader, patron, or supporter.
  7. Web Syndication - is a form of syndication in which website material is made available to various other online sites. is syndicated to our Facebook page, Twitter page, and our email Newsletter. Syndication allows your information that we post to the WWN to be sent out to our many online channels automatically! Cool huh!
  8. E-Blast - An e-blast is slag for 1 email Newsletter edition. "The WWN sent out a "e-blast" about the fugitive."
  9. Banner Ad - A web banner or banner ad (web billboard) is a form of advertising on the World Wide Web. This form of online advertising entails embedding an advertisement into a web page. It is intended to attract traffic to a website by linking to the website of the advertiser. Learn more.

Searching the Network

Looking for a specific topic, business, organization? Simply click the magnifying glass icon, and type a keyword or keyword phrase into the search line. For example: type 'hummingbirds' to see all the WWN posts about hummingbirds. For best results, use phrases you have seen in our post titles such as "Roving Reporter," "Recipe," "Recommendation Needed," "Pet Adoption," "City of Rockport," etc.

To reset your search results, click the "SHOW ALL" (meaning: show all posts) link in the teal banner, or simply click anywhere in the purple field.

Not getting the results you want? The quick search box is a bit limited, so we have left the older more advanced search page in tact from our other site, which can be found here: click here


The Directory, listed in the left row of buttons in blue, is an easy way to find a whole section of posts or articles, such as pet adoptions, recommendations needed, community events, recipes, video and more.

Businesses and organizations are also listed in this section, and are listed by general category, such as plumbers, heath and beauty, art galleries, etc. Some businesses and organizations are listed in several categories, depending on their services. Directory page. See all the categories at one time!

Add Your Business to the Directory: If you are business, who would like to be in our directory, click here for more information.

How to Share Comments (2 Ways)

Disqus Method

Comment as a Guest (No Login Required)

1. Click your cursor in the comment field. Be sure to actually click IN the box and type.

2. Click your cursor IN the Name field, and type your name.

3. Click your cursor IN the Email field, and type your email.

***Skip Password Field***

Click the check box marked "I'd rather post as a guest." Click the grey arrow to continue & submit. Done!

Verifying Your Email Address (Only 1 Time)
If you comment as a guest, you may be asked to "verify" your email address but only ONE TIME. This cuts down on spam. If you don't see the email in your inbox within 3-5 minutes, be sure to check your spam or junk folder.

The WWN Webmaster can see your email address, but this is not public. The only information that the public will be able to see is your chosen "Name." You are not required to use your real name. You can create a "user name" such as 'Baby Blue Eyes' or 'Lovely Local'.


Use Your Existing Facebook Account to Comment

On most of our posts, you will see a grey Facebook box under posts/articles. This is called a Facebook "plugin." We add the grey box to our website, which allows readers to comment using their existing Facebook Account. To see comments that others have left using this method, you must login to your Facebook account.

The privacy settings that you have set up on your Facebook profile stay in effect on the WWN site. The WWN does not have the ability to login to your Facebook profile, and cannot obtain, or see, your login information at any time. The entire login process goes directly through Facebook.

Comment Moderation

Please be aware that our comments are moderated, and our comment policy (below in yellow) is enforced.

Comment Policy:

While expressing your opinions through our blog's commenting system, please observe our strict guidelines:

Hateful comments (with or without profanity) will not be published. Solely negative comments that contain no constructive message whatsoever will not be published.

Comments that serve as a promotional addendum for a business or organization (for example: plugs or promotes a special, coupon, service, product or sales event) will not be published, as this is paid information. Exceptions include 'Recommendations Needed' posts. Businesses are asked not to promote their own business through our commenting system.

Comments which contain promotional, time-sensitive information such as event specifics will not be published, as this is paid information. Please see our Submit a Listing page for information on how to submit events.

Please select your words carefully. Once comments have been submitted to the WWN commenting system and/or published, it may not be possible to delete or remove comments.

Comments should be no more than 2,000 characters in length.

It is generally recommended not to name individuals in your comments or isolate them in your pictures in a negative way, who have not given you permission to do so.

Please Comment on the Correct Thread (Post)

To help folks find your comment and respond, please be sure you are staying on topic on the correct corresponding post/article. For example, one wouldn't comment about an up and coming election on a help wanted listing. Off topic comments will be removed to avoid confusion.

The WWN does not guarantee that all comments will be archived indefinitely.

The WWN reserves the right to have final discretion regarding the publishing of any and all comments.

(Last Update to Comment Policy: June 20, 2016.)

How to Recommend a Business:

1)  Find the Business's Listing using the search bar, or on the directory page.
2)  Leave a comment in the comments section (see section above). How to leave comments

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How to Submit a Community Event, Help Wanted, Roving Reporter & More!
  • Visit our "Submit a Listing" page and select a category.
  • Don't know which category? Ask us before submitting.


"I submitted a listing, but it didn't prompt me to upload an image. What should I do?"
  • You may have left the page before clicking the "CLICK HERE to Continue" button on the last page of payment. This bright orange button will take you to a page containing image emailing instructions.

    Don't worry, if your form indicated you wanted to include an image with your listing, we will not publish your post until we have made contact with you. Typically, a reminder email is sent to the buyer from the WWN.

Share Posts via Social Media or Email

Now it is easier than ever to share WWN articles with your friends and family. Simply click on your favorite social media website icon to share content on your profile or business page. OR click the email icon in the gray footer to email the content of a post to your friend, family member or co-worker.

FAQs [Frequently Asked Questions]

Business Directory

"I now have an Organization's Listing. How do I see my unique web address?"
  • Easy! If you're browsing through the front page, and see your listing, click the TITLE of your listing, and the unique URL (aka web address) will appear in the browser's address bar. If the title doesn't link, then you're already there! Look at your address bar for the address.
  • You can link to this web address, share on social media pages and your website...even invite customers to leave your business (or organization) reviews!
"If I want to advertise with the WWN, but don't know where to start...what should I do?"
  • We're here to help! Visit our Advertise page and reach out to us if you need assistance.
"If I'm a part of a group or organization, how can I share general information about my group on the WWN?"
  • Listings aren't just for businesses and companies. Organizations, groups, clubs, artists, etc., are welcome to submit a 1x FREE general information listing. Click here
  • Easily share up and coming community events, roving reporter snapshots, and more with the Network by selecting a category from our "Submit a Listing" Page.
"What if the event that I want to post is a FREE event? Do I have to pay to submit it?"
  • The specific amount of money a non-profit event by an organization makes (or doesn't make as the case my be) doesn't affect your submission payment.

    All non-profit events and/or announcements (any "call to action") are treated equally, and are permitted to use the affordable $15 form here. To learn more about what is considered non-profit, click here.

"How do I encourage my customers to leave me reviews?"
  • Simply right-click and SAVE this graphic (on left) to your computer. Post this image on your website or blog and link to your WWN listing. Voila!...Your customers will be able to click directly to your listing on the WWN in order to recommend your business! Scroll to the bottom of our submit page for more free graphics! Need a special background color or size, just ask us!

Non-Profits: Need to Update/Change Your Permanent Online Directory Listing?
  • If you need to change your permanent directory listing that remains on the WWN website, the fee is $15 via any major credit card. Please email for personal assistance.

Advertise Your Business

Featured Business Listing / Banner Ads

"What's the difference between a WWN Banner Ad & a Featured Listing?
  • Featured Business Listing and Banner Ads on the WWN website both give your business or organization high visibility! Both can promote a Sales Event, Advertisement or Special Notice! 
  • Most Banner ads are published on ALL 2000+ pages of our website and in our email Newsletter. They also remain in our archives for folks to access for months to come. Ask about reduced, long-term pricing. Contact us.
  • Banner ads are 1 custom graphic that links to ANY web link you supply us: a WWN listing, your website, a specific page on your website, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Directing people tofor examplea sign-up sheet (form), a special coupon page, sponsorship information & more! Think of a Banner Ad as a large interactive billboard on the Internet! 
  • Most of our Banner Ad Spots are visible from all 2000+ pages of our website and are published in our email Newsletter!
  • Featured Listings stay in the WWN directory until you decide to change it, but the visibility diminishes over time, as it's pushed down by newer listings.

Submission Forms

"Why do I need to fill out a form, if all the info is in the image file I'm sending you?"
  • We want you to get big BANG for your buck, and give you/your business/event as much exposure as possible! Text in image files is NOT picked up by search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. 
  • Typed text also "plays nice" with mobile devices. 
  • Having actual typed text paired with your image file increases your online visibility and search-ability by 100%! 
  • Typed text also helps us keep track of your listing, by having your listing's info come through our system!

Email Newsletter/Website

"What if I just want to 'put an ad in the e-Newsletter?'"
  • *In order to purchase an 'ad in the e-Newsletter' you need to either submit an "Featured Listing (For-Profit)" for FOR-profit [sale] events, or a "Community Event" for NON-profit events.
  • These two purchases broadcast your event across the Network including the WWN Newsletter, Website, and Social Media pages (Facebook, Twitter & RSS)! Thousands of eyes will see your information in the Texas Coastal Bend and beyond!
"How do I purchase multiple week listing ads?"
  • Right now, our newsletter listings (*see question above for more info) are able to be run 1-3 times per submission.

    To run an ad in the e-newsletter more than 3x, simply pay again, and fill out the form for your submission again. Exactly like you did the first time. (Your listing will remain on our website until the event is over. It just won't be sent out in the e-newsletter.) If you are interested in custom, long-term advertising packages, please contact us.

Sending Images & Files

"What type of digital files do you accept for listings?"
  • We accept JPG / JPEG. Sorry, we do NOT accept tif, pdf or doc files.
"What size image file is recommended?"
  • For best results format your digital graphics to 75-180 dpi, approximately 4x6 inches (We're pretty flexible on size) cropped precisely to your desired format. JPG / JPEG FILES ONLY. 20MB size limit. For best results use a horizontal design format.
    • Need graphic design help? The WWN can offer you custom graphic design for an additional cost of $50 (per hour). Please contact us at
"If I don't have a graphic designer, can the WWN format / stylize text for me?"
  • No, sorry, the WWN does not create customized ads through formatted/stylized text. The WWN does not take direction regarding text including: bold, italics, specific colors, etc. All design elements must be facilitated in the digital image you send us as an email attachment. Graphic design, to create a custom digital file, is available for an additional fee (see above). Please contact us at


"Do I need a PayPal account to pay for WWN submissions?"
  • Nope! You can pay easily and securely with any major credit card! Most credit cards that double as debit cards are also accepted.
"How do I get an invoice or receipt?"
  • PayPal AUTOMATICALLY sends you a receipt via email immediately upon completing your transaction. Print this receipt for your records, or simply save in your email.
"What if my organization doesn't have a Credit Card? Will you accept a check?"
  • Unfortunately, the WWN no longer accepts paper checks for individual events / listings. If your organization does not have a credit card, we suggest having a member of your organization use their personal credit card, and have the organization reimburse that person. We apologize for any inconvenience.
"What are the benefits of the WWN using PayPal to manage Credit Card Payment?"
  • Pay instantaneously, 24/7!Always know what you owe, because it's done right then!
  • No waiting for Invoices/Receipts!
  • Pay Safely and Securely with any major credit card.
  • Save Your Postage!No more having to mail a check or money order.
  • Very Trackable!Easy to record with emailed receipts sent right to your inbox.
  • Easy Refunds!If you make a payment mistake, we can refund your money with a click of a button.

Thank you for viewing this page

WWN's Free Community Newsletter relies on the help of its readers and advertisers to cover overhead costs that enable the WWN to exist. We need your help to continue! Thank you!
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