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IMPORTANT: Newsletter Deadline is Wednesday 12:00 Noon. The small contribution for certain listings help us continue this FREE Community Newsletter! Thank you for your support!

  • For advertising opportunities, also see: Banner Ads (Web Billboards)
  • Need help? Call (361)205-4055, Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-4pm or LIVE CHAT
Note: Listings are posted and sent out in the Newsletter the week they are submitted. At this time future scheduling of listings is not available.

FEATURED Business Listing & Ad—(Appears in Newsletter, Facebook, Twitter + Stays Online Up to 1 Year in Online Directory)
FOR-Profit Events/Announcements, Advertisements, Openings, Sales Events, Coupons, Announcements.
$75 per Submission or $260 for 4 Weeks (-$40 OFF) / 1 Year in Online Directory / Includes Free Courtesy Updates to Online Listing
Book a Banner Ad Campaign! Email us
FOR-Profit or NON-Profit.  Perfect for any message. We offer several banner ads of various sizes, $75-$300 per week. Many of our banner ads are visible on ALL [thousands of] pages of our website, and are included in the email Newsletter. We also offer a Newsletter only banner ad, $75.
Free General Information Directory Listing Non-Profit Organization— (Club, Group, etc.)
Non-Profit.  Become Part of the WWN's Online Directory, Gain Web and Search Engine Visibility, Receive Public Comments & Kudos!
FREE (1 Time Submission Only, Updates $15 per submission.)
Community Event or Announcement
NON-Profit Events or Announcements, Fundraisers, Benefits, Charity Auctions, Religious Events, or Any Non-Profit "Call to Action."
$15 per Submission   What is "Non-profit?"
Help Wanted
For Businesses, Companies or Organizations looking for a New Employee to Join their Team.
$15 per Submission
For Sale / For Rent / For Lease
Sell 1 Item Only or Individual's Sales Event (Garage or Estate Sale). This form is not for for-profit businesses or sales at business locations.
$15 per Submission
"I Want to Buy, Rent, Lease or Acquire"
Are you searching to Buy / Rent / Lease or Acquire an item or professional service? Are you an individual searching for work? Include your direct contact info. Have folks come to you! This is a classified listing.
$15 per Submission
Roving Reporter
Non-promotional News Snippets, Share a Picture or Snapshot!
Letter to the Editor
Editorial Essays, Open Letters and Observation Articles.
Need a Hand / Recommendation Needed
Ask the Network for a general recommendation! Individual people seeking FREE help or assistance. Not to be used for events, businesses or organizations.
Offer FREE Item(s) to the Network
Get it gone! One person's trash is another one's treasure! Offer free items to the Network. Not to be used for events.
Pet Adoption or Found / Lost Animal
Did you find a lost pet and would like to find its owner, or have you lost your pet? Use this public message board to ask the Network.
Book Recommendation
What are you reading? Share your latest exciting read with your friends in the Network!
Share a Recipe
Share your culinary creations with the Network! Even share a snapshot of your wonderful dish!
Obituary / Memorial Listing
Alert the community, and share information regarding services. Allow friends and family to share notes and memories through our online comment system.

Non-Profits: Need to Update Your Directory Listing?
  • If you need to change your permanent directory listing that remains on the WWN website, the fee is $15 via any major credit card. Please email wwnwebmaster@gmail.com for personal assistance.

Submissions must be received by Wednesday 12:00pm (noon) CST, Sharp, to be included in the Thursday email Newsletter. This deadline is not flexible.

Email Newsletter Limit: 

Our weekly email newsletter has a 25 post cap. If your listing is submission '26', it will be posted to the website immediately and published in the following week's e-newsletter...so submit early if your submission is time-sensitive. Paid listings are given priority.

Image Size & Type: 

For best results, format your digital image files to 75dpi (We're pretty flexible on size, but must be readable)--jpg, png or gif ONLY (No pdf, tif or doc files, please). Cropped to your desired format. 20MB size limit. TIP: To get the most digital image "real estate" possible in the WWN Newsletter, format your images approx 10Wx5H inches (horizontal), 75dpi.

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